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Episode 11

Shows I Go To Episode 11: Special Edition "The BEST of 2015 SO FAR!"

Rebecca Weinberg published on

Episode 11 is a Special Edition! That's right, we're talking BEST OF 2015 so far. There's been a shit ton of music released and you have your Shows I Go To staff break it down for you. Luckily, we all have very different taste, which only broadens all of your horizons, as well as each others.

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Special Shoutout to our sponsor House of Blue Orlando! Catch some words from them along with upcoming shows throughout each episode.

Special Musical Shoutouts To: All the bands mentioned in this episode! Thank you for creating and releasing music that inspires us, is there for us, makes us want to be better people and makes us feel ALIVE! We can't wait to discuss 2015 in full in another 6 months!


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