Shred Shack Podcast

Episode 46

No Cameras

Adamans Templum published on

In this installment, your favorite heavy metal caballeros are accompanied by friend of the Shred Shack, Mr. Gary Garcia, known around our circle for getting in on catching some great video material of the concerts he has attended as well as his wealth of knowledge and experience in heavy metal. Together, we start things off with some old business regarding Decapitated and In This Moment before Pete discusses the new demo from Oldenhelm, Dan gives a brief rundown of at least half of Wolf Hoffmann's solo album and Chris fires off a lightning round of thoughts on new releases from AFTERSHOK, Silent Planet, CIRCLE OF CONTEMPT, Oracles, Big Business, Asphalt Graves, INTER ARMA and Vanna. General, recording, touring and charting news is reviewed for several artists. Pat on the NY side of things offers up an interview he had with Scott from Carnifex in recent weeks as well as a new BrootalToob segment featuring a rendition of the National Anthem performed by Metallica (it was just recently Independence Day, after all). Pat also contributes a new Top 10 list in the form of Top 10 Songs in Tribute to Heavy Metal. Chris covers Dirty Covers in the Social Media Highlight segment before closing out the show with a discussion about bootlegging, the concert experience and the actions taken against the acts of photographing and filming.

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