Shred Shack Podcast

Episode 41

Stickin' It to the New

Adamans Templum published on

In this installment of the Shred Shack Podcast, two of your three favorite heavy metal caballeros discuss some old business regarding Nick Menza and Led Zeppelin before looking at new releases from Lacuna Coil, Architects UK, The Order of Israfel, Death Angel and Mortillery. General, recording, touring and charting news is reviewed for several artists. Pat and Reece from the New York provide us with a new Top Ten list in the form of Top Ten Successful Vocalist Changes as well as a new BrootalToob segment highlighting the work of Rob Scallon. Chris covers Winter's Wake during this week's Social Media Highlight before closing out the show with a discussion about established artists writing new music in response to recent comments by a member of one such established band and a recent video from

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