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Episode 10

Episode 10: Pickups, Binges, News, and Plenty of Distractions

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As usual, this episode is pretty late. The podcast will now be recorded and uploaded biweekly, so we can attempt to be more consistent! This week was a blast, we get into our first ever real iTunes Reviews (0:5:59) and spend a bit on our Pickups and Binges (0:9:28). Aden leads the charge on Toy News (1:23:28) and Alex takes us on a journey through Screen Time (2:0:56). Finn had to leave early so he missed out on everyone's favorite segment, Critiques/Favorite Pics (2:38:26), but he will make sure hes there for the next episode! And they attempt to end the episode with Emails (0:0:0), but for the tenth episode in a row we have not gotten one email. Thank you guys for your support, we hope you enjoy!

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