Side Hustle Rage
Episode 57

Side Hustle Rage Interview - Clay Green

Carmen Reed-Gilkison published on


My guest today is Clay Green, motivational speaker, personal trainer and ceo at EnthusiastiClay (I love that!)


As a leading instructor for the US Navy, in the Nuclear Power Plant Operations Pipeline, Clay Green was responsible for training hundreds of other Reactor Operators on how to safely and confidently operate a naval nuclear reactor without being distracted by the fact that they were under water, on a submarine, with a torpedo chasing them and a fire burning!


Clay’s ability to distinguish between feelings and facts, emotions and thoughts, reactions and contemplative though is what enabled Clay to have a huge impact on dozens of companies, including Intel.


Today, Clay focuses his efforts on entrepreneurs and executives by helping them understand how their subconscious affects every decision they face.


Clay supports achievers and leaders by empowering them through high-performance habits and tactics to control and manage the state of flow in their lives. His expertise is showing you how to reroute your thinking through tiny, daily practices and habits.


Clay has helped people overcome crushing debt, increase performance, and maximize their efficiency and effectiveness.


We cover a lot of ground in this interview, including:


The importance of mindset  

How tiny daily practices and habits can be so powerful.

How quickly can someone expect to go from average to efficient?


Clay leaves us with one word: Meditate!


You can connect with Clay on his website here:


Check out his 5 days to superhuman focus download here:


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