Side Hustle Rage
Episode 60

Side Hustle Rage Interview - Heather Bryan

Carmen Reed-Gilkison published on

My guest today is Heather Bryan. Heather is an entrepreneur and the only woman to design and develop an engraving system in the US (pretty cool right?!)

Heather caught the entrepreneurial bug from her father, who was a multi-passionate entrepreneur. Her journey started off back in 1999 when she and her father became pioneers of onsite engraving for the PGA Tour, USGA and PGA events around the globe. In 2014, her father retired and Heather decided to develop her own system and box it up for others to be able to have their own engraving businesses out of their homes. This system is perfect for stay-at-home moms, or anyone else who is interested in starting a business.

Heather shares some of the ups and downs she went through when trying to bring her idea to market. Because she's tenacious and believes in equal opportunity she perservered like the winner she is, and because of that many more people have a chance to create the life and business of their dreams.

Heather has a philosophy that first businesses should be project-based, meaning you complete a project and you get paid. This helps keep the new entrepreneur motivated and excited about the possiblities. 

Heather's product is a business-in-a-box side hustle that includes the equipment and product sourcing. She created a side hustle for others from her side hustle of local onsite engraving, and the level of support she provides her clients is unparalleled. 

We cover a lot in this interview, including:

  • Heather's company is a debt free company after designing and developing her engraving system. (She shares a great "woman walks into a bank to get a loan story.")
  • What is included in the business in a box? How much is it? 
  • How can others create a side hustle income from this and why?

You can connect with Heather on the following site:


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