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24: The Tomorrow Run

FKAjason published on

The wait is over. In this episode, Roy and Jay review "Blowback" from The Fall and Rise of Captain Atom (vol 1) #1 by Cary Bates, Greg Weisman, Will Conrad, Ivan Nunes, Saida Temofonte, Jason Badower, Kristy Quinn, Gabriel Hardman, Jordan Boyd, and Jim Chadwick. The New 52 Captain Atom can't live with guilt and does something drastic.

We also review "The Tomorrow Run" from ?Booster Gold? (v0l 1) #13 by Dan Jurgens, Gary Martin, Gene D'Angelo, Bob Lappan, and Barbara Randall. Sick with a future bug, Booster enlists the help of Rip Hunter and Goldstar to travel back to the future for a cure.

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  • Martin Gray

    Very nice episode. I'll pass on Booster as I've not read that issue since it came out. I did read Captain Atom this week and enjoyed it. The characterisations were good, even if we don't know which versions of some of the characters we have. Mind, an interview I read indicated that this mini-series is something of a course correction to the New 52 version so I expect we'all have the post-Crisis look before long. I do hope so!

    What are you two doing pronouncing 'Eiling' differently to me, it's obviously 'Eye-ling'? Feel free to re-record the relevant sections.

    I reckon that by the time Nathaniel meets Dr Megala again the scientist will have been somewhat shrunken as an after-effect of the energy blast that sent our hero into the past. Speaking of which, has he ever quantum-jumped in that direction previously? I don't recall such an occurrence.

    Excellent theory about Nathaniel re-fathering Peggy and Randy, that would be great but hopefully they'll get new names ... 'Peggy' was hopelessly archaic even in the Eighties and 'Randy', well, >snicker<. I'd love the post-Crisis history to be restored, complete with Plastique marriage.

    I'm not keen on the tweaked logo (did you ever notice Marvel nicked that for Carol Danvers a couple of years back, they even used it to promote the film?), the atom symbol is lost on that 'O', as well as being too on the nose.

    I do hope the transmutation powers go, I've never liked them, he's powerful enough without stepping into Firestorm's territory.

    It's great to have Bates and Weisman back, they were so underrated as a team, while Will Conrad is a superb artist. As for Ivan Nunes's colour work, it's astonishingly good; if someone isn't offering him an exclusive, they're missing a trick.