Solid State Romcast
Episode 13

Solid State Romcast 10-13-14 Show

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Here on this latest Romcast, the three blokes address issues with the length and randomness of segments and preemptively apologize for potentially offending folks. This is an ongoing evolving beast for all of us involved, so please bare with us and keep in mind that this is not just meant to be informative, but is also a fun and casual meeting of the minds who make up the Solid State Gamer crew, so do not try to take things too seriously.Anywho, the three celebros give an update on the Gamergate fiasco and talk about the organized assault on gamers as a demographic making absurd accusations of misogyny and being a hate group.In other news, Jon, Matt and Durrty talk about a new crowd funded game called Human resourcesl a real time srategy game that takes influences from the mecha and lovecraftian mythos. This is a game being developed by industry veterans and has a great looking comic book style.Lastly, The guys vent their frustrations of playing horrible games that may have been great ideas on paper, but have been renowned for being unmitigated catastrophes. Resident evil 6, Duke Nukem, Superman 64 and so on. This is the last epic Romcast, so enjoy while it lasts!!


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Solid State Romcast Crew:

Jon “San Juan” Rivera – Host

Matt “Off” White – Cohost

Richard "Durrty" Hunt - Eastern Connection 


Music Credit:

Introduction Theme – Car Jack [2011 version] by Electric Children

Interlude No. 1 – Unknown Track A by ???

Interlude No. 2 – Unknown Track B by ???

Roundtable Theme – Pumped by RoccoW

Resolution Theme – Skip Sandwich DX By Electric Children

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