Solid State Romcast
Episode 13

Solid State Romcast 10-6-14 Show

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On this Romcast Mr. Off White shares an update to the Gamer Gate scandal involving Intel pulling their advertising from Gamasutra. A sucker punch for sure. The crew then talks about how Assassin's Creed Unity will not be running at 1080p or 60fps. Surprising?? The Romcast crew sure doesn't! Lastly, the ragtag trio open up Pandora's box that is the subject of gaming peripherals and how they have evolved over the years while talking about specialty controllers... What have they done!? Check it out!!


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Solid State Romcast Crew:

Jon “San Juan” Rivera – Host

Matt “Off” White – Cohost

Richard "Durrty" Hunt - Eastern Connection 


Music Credit:

Introduction Theme – Car Jack [2011 version] by Electric Children

Interlude No. 1 – Unknown Track A by ???

Interlude No. 2 – Unknown Track B by ???

Roundtable Theme – Pumped by RoccoW

Resolution Theme – Skip Sandwich DX By Electric Children

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