Solid State Romcast
Episode 20

Solid State Romcast 11-25-14 Show

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This time around on the Romcast, Jon and Matt Off White go nuts over the Blood Sport game system and the fact that Kickstarter has pulled its fund raising campaign. Will Gabe from Valve bring it back by putting Half Life 3 on it as an exclusive?? We do not think so. The guys then vent their frustrations on the launch of both Assasin's Creed: Unity and the Master Chief Collection. How can two high profile games in the year 2014 be so broken?? Jon and Matt speculate how this could have come to pass. Lastly, the dynamic duo talk all things wacky game ideas like second person shooters and Gears of Pokemon. Get your breath bag baby, cuz you're gonna need it. Few have excaped... the Solid State Romcast!


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Solid State Romcast Crew:

Jon “San Juan” Rivera – Host

Matt “Off” White – Cohost 


Music Credit:

Introduction Theme – Car Jack [2011 version] by Electric Children

Interlude No. 1 – Unknown Track A by ???

Interlude No. 2 – Unknown Track B by ???

Roundtable Theme – Pumped by RoccoW

Resolution Theme – Skip Sandwich DX By Electric Children

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