Solid State Romcast
Episode 32

Solid State Romcast 2-28-15 Show

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Jon, Matt and Nate get together this time around on the Romcast and start off with commenting on Rockstar pushing back the release date of GTA V PC. Are they angry about it?.. Not in the slightest. After all that hubbub, The three laugh about Sony losing all the winners in their free Playstation Anniversary console giveaway contest. How could a large company like Sony just lose that sort of information? Lastly, we welcome Leo from Gaming Bolt once again as we talk about the state of the FPS genre today and how things are beyond stale. Check it out!


Solid State Romcast Crew:

Jon “San Juan” Rivera – Host

Matt “Off” White – Cohost

Nathan VanDyke – Lead News Writer

Leonid “Leo” Melikhov from Gaming Bolt – Special Guest (video game journalist)


Music Credit:

Introduction Theme – Car Jack [2011 version] by Electric Children

Interlude No. 1 – Unknown Track A by ???

Interlude No. 2 – Unknown Track B by ???

Roundtable Theme – Pumped by RoccoW

Resolution Theme – Skip Sandwich DX By Electric Children

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