Solid State Romcast
Episode 5

Solid State Romcast 8-10-14 Show

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The Romcast crew is at it yet again as both Jon and Matt "Off" White welcome the ever so jet lagged Durrty back from his European tour. The reunited trio dives right back into Crytek deathwatch duty, exploring the festering financial woes and how the Home Front IP has once again changed hands from the troubled company to the ever so lucky and well managed Deep Silver. Will Crytek survive?? Should it drop its delusions of MMO grandeur?? Next up, they take a deeper look into the true successor to Bullfrog's real time tactics classic Syndicate and they are not talking about the FPS. The crew mulls over the technical and aesthetic details of this successor called Satellite Reign and waxes nostalgic about the original Syndicate. Lastly, They close out the Romcast with a retrospective discussion on the true Atari of yesteryear and its place in gaming history as both a part of a golden age of gaming and as a reminder of what not to do in terms of conducting business in the video game industry. You had better be ready to... ROMCAST!!!! 


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Solid State Romcast Crew:

Jon “San Juan” Rivera – Host

Matt “Off” White – Cohost

Richard "Durrty" Hunt - Eastern Connection, Background Noise / Foley Expert 


Music Credit:

Introduction Theme – Car Jack [2011 version] by Electric Children

Interlude No. 1 – Unknown Track A by ???

Interlude No. 2 – Unknown Track B by ???

Roundtable Theme – Pumped by RoccoW

Resolution Theme – Skip Sandwich DX By Electric Children

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