Something Like, But Not Quite

Episode 80

No Patti Pies For Byl

Forest Brooks published on

This week, Forest and Ki discuss the possibility of a new vaccine, fallout from the election, COVID response in Austrailia, Anne Hathaway responding to controversy from her role in The Witches, Hip Hop mainstreaming, responses to kids on an airplane, Steve Bannon running misinformation pages, Keke Palmer's bad take on EBT cards, Eva Longoria apologizes after misguided comment, Proud Boys reassert their white supremacist, the Dean Browning saga, Forest's pie preferences, Melania Trump being just as trash as her husband, Desantis' pro lynch mob legislation, the LMPD covering up over 200k complaints of sexual abuse from 2 officers, Jim Clyburn's take on the effect of the "Defund the Police" messaging, copaganda, republicans currently defunding the police, Biden appointments, student loan forgiveness, Beyonce using Pelaton to help HBCUs. 

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