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Episode 35

Lyric Writing Tools #1 - Big Reveal

Joseph Vadala published on



It’s always a good day when you can add tools to the toolbox. Weapons to the arsenal. So we’re going to go over 6 powerful lyrical tools for our Week of Lyric Writing Tools. First up, we’re going to look at the big reveal.  

The first lyrical tool we will go over is the big reveal. You know, like the reveal at the end of the original Planet of the Apes film. 

The main character spends the entire film trying to figure out how to get back to earth. But, in the end, he sees the half-buried remains of the Statue of Liberty- he’s been home the whole time.

While not at the end of the film, the reveal of “I am your father” from The Empire Strikes back is maybe the best example of a big reveal. It is truly shocking and also changes everything. 

We can use this same tool in our songwriting. The big reveal helps the end of the song really stick out and be memorable. Instead of a 3rd or 4rd repetition of the chorus, you can reveal one last piece of information that brings everything together. 

Or you can utilize a twist, so the last piece of information changes everything. 

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