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Episode 37

Lyric Writing Tools #3 - Foreshadowing

Joseph Vadala published on



It’s day 3 of our Week of Lyric Writing Tools. This time, we’re going to look at utilizing foreshadowing in lyrics.  

No Capes! In the Incredibles, Syndrome’s fate is foreshadowed in the scene where Edna explains why she will not give Mr. Incredible a cape

Later in the movie, this. Kinda brutal for a kids movie. 

Foreshadowing gives that “aha” moment. It’s also a subtle way to make a future development make more sense. The cape being the undoing of Syndrome makes sense, because we already knew that capes had resulted in deaths and injuries to superheroes before him.

It can give that real “Clever Girl” moment (which was also foreshadowed). 

We can utilize this same tool in our songs. A great example of foreshadowing in a song is The Cat’s In The Cradle

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