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Episode 41

Playing Is NOT Practicing

Joseph Vadala published on

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The easiest trap to fall into when practicing a skill is to practice what you already know. If you’re a pianist and sit in front of the piano, it’s easy to just play the 10 songs you love to play and then move on with your life. But playing is not practicing. 

If you’re a guitarist, it’s easy to go through the same motions. If you’re a songwriter, it’s easy to never mix up the process and to just keep writing exactly the same way.

But when you do this, you may not be getting much better at your craft at all. If you just play the same 10 songs on the piano that you already know and play well, that’s not practicing, that’s playing.

There’s a difference between playing and practicing. Playing is not practicing. 

Practice is intentionally working to get better.

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