Songwriter Theory: Learn Songwriting And Write Meaningful Lyrics and Songs
Episode 21

The Process From Songwriting To Released Song

Joseph Vadala published on


Episode outline:


  1. Inception: The idea or inspiration

  2. Gestation: Time where you’re thinking through where the idea could go

  3. Development: Time you’re actually writing out where you want to go with the idea and what type of song you’re probably going for

  4. Writing: The actual writing of the lyric and music

  5. Refining: Making adjustments such as adding a pre-chorus, removing part of an overly-long second verse, adjusting lyrics or melodies you weren’t in love with, etc


  1. Find Tempo
  2. Record Main Instrument
  3. Record Body Instruments
  4. Record Filler Instruments
  5. Record Atmospheres Instruments



  1. EQ
  2. Compression
  3. Delay/Reverb
  4. Other


  1. Record 8 good takes: You can do more or less. The common industry standard I’ve heard is 5 takes, but I like to overdo it a bit and to have an even number that can divide by 2 all the way down to 1. You’re about to see why.

  2. Comp 8 takes down into 4 comps (composite takes): I do this tournament style. I’ll put two takes “against” one another, taking the lines of each that I like better. Sometimes I’ll even split by words if it makes sense.

  3. Comp 4 composite takes down into 2 even better composite takes: Basically the semi-finals of the tournament- again doing this line be line or even word by word, taking the best between 2 takes.

  4. Pitch correct final 2 takes: Before doing the final comp, this is where I like to pitch correct. I do this here for a couple reasons. One is sometimes the pitch correction will help me notice an imperfection I otherwise wouldn’t. This also gives me more to work with in the final comp with already-pitch-corrected vocals. Sometimes I’ll use the second pitch corrected vocal (the one that didn’t win) for a vocal double.

  5. Comp down into 1 elite take: Take those 2 pitch-corrected takes, and create that final vocal take.



  1. EQ
  2. Compression/Limiting


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