Soul Soup with Dr. Janette Freeman
Episode 19

3 KEYS to More Love in Your Life - The Spiritual Approach...

Dr. Janette Freeman published on

You do these three things and you will start to have miracles in your life, because you’re putting first things first.  You are creating at the energetic realm first and massive love can abide and express  It will mirror at the right time in form.

1.   LOVE THE SOURCE FIRST.  This happens through what we think about most… 

2.  Connect and develop a relationship with your spirit team. They are always with you even if you are not conscious of their presence.  Enjoy them, they are an enormous asset.

3.   Stay connected to your I Am line – your connection to Love.  Mirror in you what you want in the world

In the spiritual activation process, you will work with your higher self, your angelic spirit team to energetic healing and set up the newer vibrations of love, trust, safety and receiving love.  When its cleared and accessed in the Higher Realms it can manifest more quickly on the outer life. 

Work at the Higher Levels and experience more love now.

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