Soul Soup with Dr. Janette Freeman
Episode 75

5 Practices for Solving Anything - PLUS Hypno-Process

Dr. Janette Freeman published on

Dr. Janette Freeman, teaching 5 Practices for Solving Anything and leads a powerful HYPNO-PROCESS to guide your own subconscious mind in releasing the problem, and learning the lessons and gaining the resources necessary to move beyond it NOW.


5 Practices to access the power of the subconscious mind...

1. Practice Mindfulness and present moment awareness to be at choice.

2. Practice Principles. The law of cause and effect is always at work, bringing into your life what you think about most. Thinking about the problem doesnt solve the problem. It can reinforce the problem because of how the subconscious mind. Go above the problem and contemplate what you want, not what you don't want.

3. Practice Purification. Life is a constant releasing and letting go. Let it go, clean it up!

4. Practice Praise. Focus on gratitude. Be grateful for all you have and let go of worry about what you don't have!

5. Practice Patience. Relax, trust, and let go of timing demands. Let life unfold.
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