Soul Soup with Dr. Janette Freeman
Episode 87

I AM Source Code New Book is Out

Dr. Janette Freeman published on

Dr. Janette Freeman:

My new book is out and I want to get it to you!

I AM Source Code - For Spiritual Awakening and Empowered Living   Kindle  Print


Audible out soon


What if there is a SACRED CODE for Manifesting True Peace, Abundance and Happiness?

Many have heard of the power of the words “I Am” but few understand the depths of that sacred word and the Presence it points to. In this pivotal book, you will be guided to access your “I Am” Nature and allow It to write the new code for the awakened, evolved Self. See how It can wake you up and empower your life- spiritually and materially.

•Receive the 3 Source Code Meditations to begin to awaken the sleeping giant of creation and Presence.

•Reclaim and use your sacred Source Code “I Am,” in order to manifest your deepest desires.

•Access true self-empowerment and let go of co-dependency and giving away your power to others.

•Meet face to face with your own individualized I Am, you as your future ascended self. As you identify with this Presence, you will shift realities big time.•Unhook from the old conditioned programming of the small, egoic self.

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