Soul Soup with Dr. Janette Freeman
Episode 61

MANIFESTING LOVE: Take Back Your Power to Have Love

Dr. Janette Freeman published on

MANIFESTING LOVE on SOUL SOUP With Dr. Janette Freeman
This week: "Take Back Your Power to Have Love!"

Retrieve the responsibility you have given others to give you love and powerfully take back your power. 

It’s time to retrieve the responsibilities you have given to others and take back your power. You must learn to get in your own center and stay there- and access the energy of that which you have imagined coming from others.   Your relationships are a reflection of the Love you have internally, not a cause for them.  So in this class you will retrieve responsibility and access the Love within you first.  You will let go of neediness and be present in your Center of Love so that you can attract more love into your life.

In the Process, you will unhook your dependency on others for love and hook back into your Divine Nature as the Source of your Love.
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