Soul Soup with Dr. Janette Freeman
Episode 16

The ONE Thing You Must Know to Make Your Journey Heroic - Hero's Journey Part 1

Dr. Janette Freeman published on

 "The One Thing You Must Know to Make Your Journey Heroic" 
You are on a journey called life and ultimately, you are here waking up spiritually, mentally and emotionally. Will it be heroic, or will you always be waiting for something else to happen first?  On today's episode, there is a piece of the puzzle, a skill, something you must know that will clear the path for you.  Learn and practice it and you will gain greater clarity, guidance and support.

Did you know you are the hero in your own life story? What kind of story is it? All great stories have similar elements- Stories tell of the struggle to breathe new life into a dead land, the death of the soul and its resurrection, the search for the beloved, the great wound that turns one into a great healer. What stage of your journey are you in? What do you need as the missing piece to help you into the next stage? What knowledge, team, friends or support is necessary now? What will help you overcome your present challenges and rise up and claim your success, accomplish the unthinkable or return home to peace? 

Process: At the Level of the Higher Self, you will clear and download new programs for Support, Guidance and Clarity to help you on your path.  This is a deep healing and empowering energetic process.

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