Soul Stories
Episode 3

Episode 3: Expressions with a Mission with Dinora Arteaga

Jena Harris published on

Dinora Arteaga is the founder of Nini Expressions, a project dedicated to changing lives and empower women to believe in themselves and in their talents. She is a passionate soulpreneur who loves and enjoys nature. Dinora’s biggest dream is to empower people to believe in themselves and to have a positive mindset in all they do. It is her personal belief that the best way to help is by facilitating jobs and inspiring people. In 2012, the idea of Nini Expressions "Expressions with a Mission" originated from this desire to help single mothers and poor families in El Salvador. During these 5 years, the Nini Expressions center of creativity has seen these women develop into better role models for their families and communities. They help artisans maintain their dignity and provide them with financial support and new skills to keep them moving forward with their lives. At the same time, their work gives them an opportunity to express their artistic talents.


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