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Episode 8

The JOY of being both HUMAN and KIND

Ricky Schalkwyk published on

Nikki Jackman is a global ambassador of kindness, love & joy.

Her story is inspirational in that it shows us how even the smallest acts of kindness can be transformative, not only to the recipients, but also to those performing the ARKS (Acts of Remarkable Kindness) .

As a co-creator or The Joy Movement, she has been instrumental in bringing smiles, love & light into the lives of thousands of people over the past 14 years.

She highlights just how easy it can be to positively impact someones life by creating and sharing of a moment of joy with them. 

Give JOY = Get JOY       A simple and very profound equation she lives by.

To make contact with Nikki either to join The Joy Movement or to offer financial support you can visit


Instagram:          thejoymovementorg


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