Sportsball! Ep. 0 - Super Bowl XLIX

Chuck Jose published on

Welcome to the (technically) first ever episode of the Sportsball! podcast. Join Allen Mark, Chuck, Mark, and Tyrone as they give their opinions on the latest of the sports world. Part informative, part opioniated, you're sure to laugh your ass off listening to us think we know what we're talking about.

On today's episode we discuss who we thought would win the super bowl and even made some ridiculous prop bets to go along with the game. Afterwards we dive into some NBA and talk about who made it to the all-star list and who got snubbed (Lillard). We also talk about who we think might win the three point contest and even the historically tragic dunk contest.

This episode was sort of our test to see how the dynamic between us would play out and gosh darnit it was so good we had to put it up. We're calling it episode zero as we're publishing the official episode one live simultaneously with this one.

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