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Episode 101

101 - Kill Team Beginnings

Jonathan Sugiyama published on

Welcome to Squad Tactica's first epsiode! Sugi talks about how he got started in Warhammer 40,000 and what got him excited about Kill Team.


  • Kill Team value. Is the starter box a good value for players? How accesable is the game for new and returning players?
  • Customization. What does Kill Team offer for players who want a narrative experience?

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  • Caleb Jennison

    I'm excited as well. I sold all my 40k out of frustration with the lack of depth in the gameplay a long time ago, said I'd never go back. I've been playing every other game under the sun since. - By the way, if you want other games that you can start for under a hundred bucks, don't be afraid of Warmachine so much, and moreso- Infinity. You can absolutely have a fully functioning army in Infinity for only a hundred bucks. ...Will you spend more than that, eventually? ...yeah almost definitely. But it's also small squad skirmish based action for cheap. -But I guess we're not here to talk about those. Piecing together scenery from the starter box while I listen to episode 102, and thanks.