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Episode 106

106 - Visiting The Warhammer Citadel

Jonathan Sugiyama published on

Sugi is back! After traveling to TN for a car and life happening, we had to take some time off but things are back and better than ever. We talk about the OP Kit, visiting the brand new Warhammer Citadel in Grapevine TX and the two games Sugi played this weekend.


  • What comes in the OP kit
  • Visiting the Warhammer Citadel
    • All the cool stuff
    • Player friendly
    • board games
    • TONS of table space
  • Space Wolves VS Tau and IG
    • What I learned
    • How to deal with "protect the president"
    • Knowing your matchups
  • Plague Marines VS Deathwatch
    • USE the flail of corruption
    • Have fun with friends
    • What list Sugi is tweaking for tournament play

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