St. John's United Methodist Church - Turnersville NJ
Episode 66

Finding Your Place in God's Story: Circumcision Bill Yerkes, Assistant Pastor

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Be bold, be brave, be blameless

Circumcision is a sign of the covenant between people & God. This covenant is becoming more personal than just an oath or promise. 

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  • August 10, 2019
    Dear Pastor Bill:
    I very much appreciated your teaching about circumcision of the heart and you explained the covenant God made with Abraham (and extending to Abraham’s spiritual seed) very well. I would appreciate your indulgence in pointing out a couple things that probably most Christians today are not aware.
    (1) In about 130 A.D., the Jewish rabbis changed their method of circumcision to include the “laying bare of the glans.” They confirm this in the Jewish Encyclopedia; please see the evidence here: Previous to this, only the overhang (the true foreskin) was removed from male Jewish infants and this more radical circumcision continues to this day.
    (2) You mentioned in your teaching that today most parents circumcise their children for “medical” reasons. Indeed, that’s what we have been told in America for the last one hundred plus years. However, previous to Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, inventor of Corn Flakes, and many of his associates stating that circumcision was a cure for masturbation, no Christians anywhere in the world practiced circumcision for over 1800 years. In European countries, such as Finland, their medical authorities state that only 1 male out of 16,667 would ever require a therapeutic circumcision for their entire lifetime.
    I believe the scriptures state very well, as you alluded to, that physical circumcision of the flesh under the OLD covenant became spiritual circumcision of the heart under the NEW covenant. I would encourage all your parishioners to revisit this subject and see whether God actually wants his people to practice routine infant circumcision today. This is an area where atheists have beat us to the punch, but there is a worldwide movement to say that we should leave our healthy children the way God made them. If you or anyone wishes to dialog with me about this, I can be reached at
    Sincerely in Christ,
    Jerry Boor,
    Troy, Michigan