Starting Point
Episode 1

A Twitchy Pilot over the Amazon

Starting Point published on

Corey Dockendorf and Brian Bentley are back together again, behind the microphones, bringing you their version of witty repartee.  The guys wanted to start a new podcast, with a new format and try it out.  Any and all feedback is appreciated.  Either contact us through Twitter (@thestartingpoint) or email startingpointfeedback [at] gmail dot com.

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  • Joe McCallister

    Like the new show! I would be alright with something like a "buy this game now" or some sort of relevant tie in like that but I do agree they could over do it pretty easily. Hoping that they do allow Twitch to stay pretty independent and just funnel cash to them for more bandwidth, higher fidelity from streams and would be cool to have music banks that streamers could pick from that are authorized, or something like up and coming artists could pay to add their stuff to the bank. Anyway, good show gents, look forward to the next ep.