Starting Point
Episode 2

Microsoft's Voxel-based Destiny

Starting Point published on

Corey and Brian are back again after some computer-related snafus on Brian's end.  In this episode we start off with Microsoft's scheduled purchase of Minecraft developer Mojang.  We also discuss our impressions of Destiny and the Apple iWatch.  

Big thanks go out to John Montoya for the new intro music.  Check out John's work here on Soundcloud.

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  • Frank Lascelles

    :) Super late but I consider Destiny a Massively co-op RPG. Its not a persistent world and honestly it never gets massive on a scale of a typical mmo unless you count 12 people on the tower. Its more of a persistent continual forced coop affair. It is coop on a more massive and persistent scale is MCOOPRPG. :)