Starting Point
Episode 18

The PC Console Showdown

Starting Point published on

It finally happened. Corey and Brian tackle the PC versus Console debate. Not sure it turned out exactly as either of us expected, but it's done and in the books.  Thanks to @Chrisbalditt on Twitter for the topic suggestion.

Do you have a topic you'd like Brian and Corey to hash out over 30 minutes?  Tweet them at Corey, Brian or the podcast and we'll discuss them on the show.  Could be anything about video games or how much Corey is wanting to play Maplestory 2.

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  • Binh Nguyen

    Great topic. I myself started off on the console back when the NES was around. But I had friends who had the Atari and we would play on that. What I believe you guys missed was how big the arcade was back in the day when it was the hot spot for gamers to interact and chit chat about the games they were playing. Because of consoles the arcade died a slow death. I became a PC Gamer around 1995 when my family got a PC for my siblings and I to use for homework *cough cough* I believe the way of future games will be how PC Gaming is now. Downloading games, day one updates. Corey touched on this but the modding community is HUGE in the PC world then it is for the console because of how easy it is to mod for the PC then console. Also Corey, do not...I repeat...DO NOT get Maplestory 2. If someone send it to you, do yourself a favor just set it on FIRE!!!