Starting Point
Episode 7

The Value of Games and Metallica

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This week, Corey and Brian tackle the topic of perceived value when playing or having played a video game.  Join us on this quest to possibly put a dollars to hours equation together to capture value.  We also discuss Corey's involvement in Extra Life this weekend as well as the recent announcement of Metallica playing in concert to close out Blizzcon.

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Corey's Extra Life Donation Page

Streams from the San Antonio Extra Life Guild Corey mentioned include:




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  • Joe McCallister

    Good episode guys, pretty solid discussion although I disagree with Corey in a few respects - the landscape is totally different than it was even 5 years ago for games. You have the choice and the means to see gameplay, and either buy in or stay out of the hype machine that games media puts out there. Value is completely subjective, and right now games are objectively cheaper than they've ever been when you bring inflation in to the picture. I think Destiny shows value because I've put in about 2 days in the game so far, sure it's a little hollow and it seems like the story was gutted, but I have fun jumping in with some buddies and chatting while shooting everything in sight. The value there is a mix of social and content, it's not simply "is Destiny worth $60". I also would've liked to hear the opinion on episodic content like Telltale games or Double Fine, does an episodic game for $30 that takes 10 hours over 5 episodes justify 3 of the episodes being essentially filler or a trudge through cloudy narrative?