State-Lines Podcast
Episode 40

Why Should I Love Baseball?

State-Lines published on

When this series launched, I planned on doing some podcasts as part of the offerings.  Instead of the traditional "I can't stand Beach Volleyball" article, I wanted to come at it from a different angle.  I would find someone who liked beach volleyball and have a discourse about WHY I should like beach volleyball.  What is cool about it?  What drew them to it?  I thought it was a way to bring a more positive outlook to the series.  (And a great avenue for those emails you should be sending to me.  Hint Hint.)  The very first one that I wanted to do was, "Why Should I Love Baseball?"  With the historic World Series being played this very week, I WANT to like baseball.  But I can't.  Enter Arthur Ahn, one of my friends and fellow instructors at Kaplan Test Prep.  He is a huge New York Mets and baseball fan.  So take a listen as we discuss baseball, other sports, and what to eat during the playoff run.  See?  We found common ground!

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