A personal voyage (in Hebrew) describing bands and artists that I like. Mostly Indie Rock and Folk, but some electronica too.

In this podcast I will attempt to initiate you, the listener, to the music of bands and artists that I like, some of them well known, others not so much. My hope is that you will find the episodes enjoyable and get to like music you previously either didn't like or didn't know much about.

This is my humble way of sharing with the world one of my greatest joys: finding a new band and being blown away by their music to the point that I want to tell everyone I meet "hey, you've got to listen to that". I don't do that much because past experience taught me that most of the people I interact with on a daily basis really don't care much for the music I like. And that's fine, but I guess some need for sharing is left unmet, and so, the podcast. 

This podcast is in Hebrew (though most of the music is deeply American) because, unfortunately, despite having reasonable English I am not as fluent in it as in that native tounge of mine (and I mumble a lot in Hebrew too).