Episode 9

Grandaddy - Part 1

steadyrollinpodcast published on

This is the first episode covering the music of Grandaddy, one of Indie Rock's most celebrated bands, which happens to be performing at the Barbie in Tel-Aviv in a few weeks.

Track list:

  1. Complex Party Come Along Theories (Demo: 1994)

    • Untitled
  2. A Pretty Mess by This One Band  (Mini Album: 1996)

    • Wretched Songs
    • Gentle Spike Resort
  3. Under the Western Freeway (Album: 1997)

    • Nonphenomenal Lineage
    • A.M. 180
    • Laughing Stock
  4. Broken Down Comforter (Collection: 1999)

    • Levitz
  5. Signal to Snow Ratio (EP: 2000)

    • Hand Crank Transmitter
  6. The Sophtware Slump (Album: 2000)

    • He's Simple, He's Dumb, He's The Pilot
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