Episode 12

Grandaddy - Part 4

steadyrollinpodcast published on

This is the 4th episode covering the music of Grandaddy, in which we will listen to basically most of Grandaddy's 2003 masterpiece album Sumday. This episode is dedicated to Kevin Garcia who unfortunately passed away a few days ago at a very young age, only weeks after performing with Grandaddy in the Barby. R.I.P.

Track list:

  1. Sumday (Album: 2003)

    • The Warming Sun
    • Now It's On
    • The Go In The Go-For-it
    • The Group Who Couldn't Say
    • Lost On Yer Merry Way
    • El Caminos In The West
    • Stray Dog And The Chocolate Shake
    • I'm On Standby
    • O.K. With My Decay
    • Yeah Is What We Had
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