Step Into Harmony

Finding harmony in life is an ongoing mission for most people on this planet. The desire to feel whole – creating a connection between one’s self, others and the natural world – is inside us all. The pathway to a harmonious existence lies at your feet. Are you ready to take the first step?

Join host Kathleen McGinley, a holistic wellness life coach and shamanic practitioner, as she offers wisdom and guidance to women who are feeling overwhelmed, undervalued and disconnected by exploring various practical and nature-based strategies for self-healing and empowerment.

Listen to inspirational stories from featured guests as they share their personal struggles, demonstrating how they became blessings in disguise while giving them a sense of fulfillment and a deeper meaning of life.

By tuning into this program, Kathleen will share the essential components that will help you transform your life into one you never thought possible.


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