Step Into Harmony

Episode 16

Interview with palm reading consultant, Cynthia Clark

Kathleen McGinley published on

Did you know that your hands can help you find your soulmate match?

Find out how by listening to this interview with relationship expert and certified palm reading consultant, Cynthia Clark. Working with over 7000 people since 2008, Cynthia has helped others find long-lasting love using the Soulmate Code System which identifies soulmate archetypes using hand analysis. You will be intrigued to hear Cynthia describe what some of your hand’s features are telling you.

Cynthia also shares her stories of her personal challenges with vertigo as well as her relationships. When her marriage ended, Cynthia went through a rebound period that taught her a lot about partner selection, especially inappropriate ones.  Using the process she now teaches, she found the love of her life and is now happily married in a beautiful expansive soulmate relationship.

Whether you are seeking love or are presently in a relationship, Cynthia will fascinate you with her knowledge of the love that exists in your hands…

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