Step Into Harmony

Episode 17

Transformational music with Bob Sima and Shannon Plummer

Kathleen McGinley published on

Can a concert transform your life?

The answer is yes…that is, when you listen to Bob Sima and Shannon Plummer. They are a powerful duo with incredible musical talent, who create intimate soulful, transformational experiences. Their events take the audience on a musical journey that changes the vibration and consciousness in the room.

Bob, a dynamic singer-songwriter, musical mystic, storyteller, and channel, has been called the Eckart Tolle with a guitar.  He receives his songs from Source as life lessons of spiritual growth, transformation and expansion of consciousness. The music that comes through him will vibrate with your spirit exactly where you are...every time you listen. The lyrics will touch your heart and speak directly to your soul, compelling you to make positive changes in your life immediately.

When Shannon Plummer, his beautiful wife, adds her incredible gifts of song, words of wisdom, and healing energy, the experience is magnificently amplified. As a certified life coach, and shamanic practitioner, Shannon helps people become the best version of themselves, living and expressing their truth.

Bob and Shannon combine their original music, experiential breathwork and shamanic healing/coaching into concerts, workshops and retreats with the intention of luring your soul back home.

After Bob and Shannon share their stories of transformation and profound wisdom with Kathleen McGinley, stay tuned to hear one of their soul-stirring songs, "No Mud, No Lotus.."  

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