Storybook for Serena

Once upon a time, not too long ago, on April 8th 2016, a precious little girl was born in Brazil.

Her name is Serena.

She has two amazing parents, Vanesa & Phlip who both love her dearly.

She also has a handsome older brother (well, actually, she has two handsome brothers, Cairon & Lucas - but that is story for another day).  

This beautiful family of 5 all lie together in Muscat, Oman.

Her Vovo (granny) lives very far away in South Africa. This makes Vovo very sad, as she would so dearly love to spend time with Serena as she grows up, giving her warm granny hugs & kisses everyday.

When Vovo is lucky enough to spend time with Serena they will laugh and giggle, sing and snuggle, dream and scheme, run and swim and splash. They will have days filled with balloons, bubbles, fairies and frogs. They will have teddy bear picnics and midnight adventures in the forest.

In the meantime, Vovo is going to read stories to Serena. With these stories Serena & Vovo can pretend that they are together as they journey through each adventure. The stories that Vovo will place in this book are for Serena to enjoy whenever she would like to. It may be as she goes to bed at night, or when she needs a quite time alone with granny, or just wants to escape into her own storybook world.

Anyone else is welcome to listen in too, but shhhh, dont make a noise as we all close our eyes to listen................................