Str8 Shooting

Episode 44

Extreme Rules

William Tonkin published on

Willtron is back discussing the Extreme Rules PPV and shits on the fans in attendance for crapping on his opinion a great Main event. He covers your weekly wrestling action from Raw, Smackdown Live, nXt, and ROH. He also talks about Hulk Hogan being allowed back in the HOF and what Hulk's role should be if they do bring him back. He discusses Daniel Bryan's resigning with WWE and why they resigned him. He talks about the injuries to Fandango and Goldust and what that means for Tyler Breeze. He discusses the announcement of Kaitlyn and the other competitors of the Mae Young Classic. He goes into the attempted murder by Brandon Browner and why it was a bone headed move. If you like the podcast give us a 5 star review.?

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