Strong Towns Podcast
Episode 449

A Nudge in the Right Direction

Rachel Quednau published on

The Strong Towns message has a big impact wherever it is heard, but how do we turn that into action? In this episode, Founder and President of Strong Towns, Chuck Marohn, talks about some of the next steps for the movement.

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  • Geoffrey

    To create a Strong Town: "Participate". Be a patron to businesses that you like and care about. Ride your bike, walk on sidewalks, take the bus. Go to festivals. Pick up a single piece of litter on your walk to [literally anywhere]. Do Monday night trivia at your favorite bar. Join a club: Biking, rotary, religious, political, etc. You are now an active, local citizen. You now have preferences and pet-peeves. You now have dreams for your built environment. Vote locally. Go to town hall meetings. Talk about local happenings and issues with the your fellow citizens, the flower shop owner, the bus driver, the bartender, the mailman, the farmer at the market, your friends in your bike club, your child's teacher, your neighbor, your spouse. If you want your town to grow you have to support it. Once you support it, then you can show others the benefits of supporting it. This is the least anyone can do.