Strong Towns Podcast
Episode 428

The Week Ahead: August 7, 2017

Rachel Quednau published on

This week, Chuck and Rachel apologize for their recent absence on the podcast and discuss a recent article about the California Housing Crisis. They also discuss an ongoing Local Food campaign and recent favorite books.

Mentioned in this podcast:

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  • Jay Orr

    I had to get a google account in order to post a comment, but it was worth it!

    My comment: please keep up the hard look at the bubble/bust cycles in real estate and the housing affordability challenges in cities. It is a fantastic topic and your insights are right on - which is why there is so much blow back. You are taking to task all the sacred cows of the planning profession, non-profit developers, government agencies and housing advocates: inclusive zoning, subsidies, government intervention. People are angry because it is threatening to them and their livelihoods built around navigating the complexities and contradictions of a top heavy system in which they are (relatively) well-compensated participants.

    The approach Strong Towns advocates are clear and simple - a return to the dynamics that have shaped cities throughout history prior to Euclidian zoning and the start of the single-use zoning, suburban experiment at mid-century.

    "Politically infeasible" is a charge levied at most good ideas that are at both self-evident and threatening to incumbent interests. We have spent several decades changing American towns and cities for the worse. Perhaps it is time to start changing the politics instead.