Strong Towns Podcast
Episode 447

Why a simple, frugal life will make you a happier person

Rachel Quednau published on

In this podcast episode, Rachel Quednau interviews her colleague Kea Wilson about her journey to financial freedom and personal resilience. Kea talks about how she paid off $25,000 in college debt in less than a year and how a mindset of financial frugality and saving over spending has stayed with her since. By finding joy in low-cost, productive, simple activities and adopting a lifestyle aimed at happiness, not consumption, Kea is charting a path of personal and community resilience. We can all learn something from it.

This episode is part of an ongoing series about personal resilience. Find more articles in the series here.

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  • William Cooney

    How did you find schools that offered funding? And what sorts of funding did you receive (e.g., scholarship, work-study, etc.)?