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Stuff I Found out today on the Internet 03

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Welcome to Stuff I Found Out Today on the Internet, this is a show that brings you, the unknown, forgotten or stuff i was oblivious too. This is a way to enhance your daily knowledge and have something to talk about during lunch. These are not current events although some might make their way in. This is stuff that happened in the past.

Now onward!!!!!

up up and away as we move straight up into space, where we celebrate the longest continuous spacecraft occupation. The ISS or international space station, for those who don't know, has had people living in it since november 2nd of 2000, that comes to a grand total of 14 years and 316 days as of today. this broke the previous record of 9 years and 358 days held by the Soviet/russian space station MIR in october 23, 2010

Now from the darkness deep space, we find ourselves with shallow color of barcodes and barcode readers. Have you ever wondered how those things work. i know i have. I always thought the black bars were the ones getting read, NOPE. a photodiode measures the amount of light reflected from the white spaces, since light is absorbed by the black bars,  is what's decoded by the scanner, very similar to morse code, but for computers.

what do we know about carmel, indiana? they have monon waterpark, monon trail and small sea: a metropolis in miniature, but did you also know carmel, indiana is also known for its roundabouts. Since the 90’s the city has been swapping out their signalized intersections with roundabouts. Currently carmel, has over 60 roundabouts, more than any other city in the US. this simple change has reduced injury accidents by 80% and by accidents by 40% overall.

california would probably benefit from this since we have patented the california roll.

and from carmel, indiana we travel to scotland, specifically glasgow. this trip is to explore the origins of the glasgow smile AKA chelsea smile, AKA glasgow AKA chelsea AKA cheshire grin, or as a lot of us know it as the joker smile, from the batman movies. This is said to have originated in glasgow, scotland. It became more prominent with the english street gangs namely chelsea  headhunters, a london hooling firm. The process of this smile, starts by making small cuts on the corners of your victim's mouth, with either a knife of broken glass, then proceeding to beating, and causing them more pain, that way the victim's face muscles would contract, increasing their cuts, from the corner of their mouths, to their cheeks, almost to the victim's ears. this would leave scars that resemble a smile. Tommy Flanagan has these features due to being attacked outside a bar where he used to DJ, this was over 20 years ago.

from scotland we go to canada. when do we ever hear people saving sharks that ate something  that was too big for their mouths, not everyday.

But this one comes out of canada, when 2 canadian good samaritans that were driving down the coast, saw a greenland shark choking on a moose it was trying to eat. reports say this sucker weighted in around 250 lb and was over 8 ft long. These sharks are known to grow bigger then great white sharks. Big boy here did not measure the moose very well, because after attacking it, we wasn't able to cough it up or swallow it, buy thanks to these 2 good samaritans this shark might go eat something else another day.

Rick Ross, is a  famous rapper, and like every rapper, he was also part of the correctional system, but not behind bars. he was keeping people behind bars. back in the early 90’s, william leonard roberts II worked as a correctional officer in florida. once news of this hit the stands, rick ross denied all of it, just to later admit all was true.

that's all the time we have today, hope i enhanced your knowledge, share the podcast, leave a comment, leave a review and some stars, and i’ll see you later.

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