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Episode 4

Stuff I Found out today on the Internet 04

Nuno Meneses published on

these episodes just keep taking me around the world, this time we travel to UK, to a small place on the island of anglesey  in wales. We travel here for a specific reason, the name of this village/community. if you are stopped and have either a pen and paper or google maps open, i challenge you to find this community, the name is spelled this way: LLANFAIRPWLLGWYNGYLL. i could not believe this really existed, but after a google maps search, there it was. this name is the middle version, there is a shorter version LLANFAIRPWLL, and a freaking long ass version which i will not spell but will leave it in the description of the podcast.

i will be making a bonus round on places that have a single word name, and places that have hyphenated names.

moving on

we all complain about the gas prices as we drive in our big SUV’s, or we complain about the gas prices if we drive our small cars with a big engine in it. according to data reported by bloomberg, in the second quarter of 2015 the USA ranked 5th2 in the world for gas prices, 57 on unaffordability and 12 in annual income spent on gas.

let me explain these 3 categories:

gas prices is the average cost of a gallon of gas

unaffordability, is the amount of  money of you make in a day in order to be able to buy a gallon of gas

income spent: its the amount of money we spend year for gas

question, which country has the most expensive gas in the world? if you said norway you are correct, with prices averaging around $7.71 per gallon, it ranks #1 in prices, 52 in unaffordability, and 52 on annual income spent.

there is place on earth that gas prices are so freaking low that the chart cant register it. and this  gas heaven is called venezuela, where gas was, as of february 2015, 4 cents a gallon. 4 cents a gallon, for that money i would drive a hummer everyday. and venezuela is considered a poor country, why can't we have gas prices like that here.

moving on to something more cheerful

did you ever wonder what HAWK stands for in terms of missile usage, well here you go, Homing All the Way Killer. lets talk about the MIM-23 HAWK, this medium range, surface to air missile had a range between 45-50 km, could fly at a speed on mach 2.4, had a 119 pound blast fragmentation warhead, and cost $250,000 dollars to make, a fire unit of these would cost 15 million dollars, and a battery would run us around 30 million. these missiles are not longer used their lifespan was from 1960 to 2002

i'm starting to see a pattern here, this next one, once again comes out of australia. Melbourne australia to be exact. From what i understand people in melbourne complained to the city way too much about their landscape and tree problem with the roots and branches. Since there is a lot of it, the city was having a hard time fixing the reported problem because they couldn't find it, so what does the city do. They assign numbers and email addresses to the trees.

Now you might be thinking this is genious, people will tell the city exactly where fixing is required, and things would get done, but this being the internet, it did exactly what the internet does best, and people started emailing the trees, not to report problems but to write love letters, thank you letters, etc.


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