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Welcome to Stuff I Found Out Today on the Internet, this is a show that brings you, the unknown, forgotten or stuff i was oblivious too. This is a way to enhance your daily knowledge and have something to talk about during lunch. These are not current events although some might make their way in. This is stuff that happened in the past.

Now onward!!!!!

we all know and are aware of the relationship between america and soviet union have never been the most perfect one. back in 1980’s these 2 were at it for domination of the High-tech space, but by 91 the soviet union collapsed, leaving america as the world's superpower. after this fall, most of their equipment was decommissioned or simply left to rot away in their harbours. during this time the military miraculously found  a billion, with a B, rubles, for the “Project 949A Antey”.

project 949A antey is code name for a class of submarines, that were considered to be one of the largest cruise missile submarines in service at the time, measuring 505 ft in length, beam of 60ft, and a draft of 29.5ft. this sub was powered by 2-OK-650b nuclear reactors, 2 steam turbines and 2, 7 blades propellers, delivering an astonishing 99,200HP to the rear propellers. this monster was launched in 1994, later to find its demise on august 12  of 2000. When during a exercise routine one of its hydrogen powered dummy torpedoes sprung a leak from a faulty weld seam, once a catalyst was applied the gas expanded by a factor of 5000. this ruptured the kerosene tanks causing a explosion equal to 500lb of TNT, 135 seconds later another explosion, this time equal to 7 tons of TNT eruption made a large hole in the hull of the sub.

BREAKING NEWS: according to the CDC in 2013 80% of americans are not getting the recommended amount of daily exercise. this was 2013, and in 2015 people still dont give a shit.

back to the regular scheduled program

do you know what phosphene is? this is  when a person experiences seeing light when there is no light around us making its way into your eyes. a good example of this is when we rub our eyes when they are closed. this pressure stimulates the cells found on the retina. this is called pressure phosphene. another way to see these phosphenes is from either sneezing, laughing, heavy coughing, blowing your nose, being hit in the head or low blood pressure.

from seeing stars to actual starts, NASA’s vehicle assembly building or VAB, is so big, you wanna know how big it is? It’s 129,428,000 cubic feet big, its one of the largest buildings in the world by volume. this is a single story building, with its roof reaching 525 ft in height. Has 10 tons of AC equipment to cool it down, 125 ventilators on the roof supported by 4 large air handlers to help keep the florida moisture under control, the air inside the building can be 100% replaced within 1 hour.

This building is so big, and has a such a massive volume that on humid days you can see rain clouds forming below the ceiling.

Speaking of florida, and flying objects, the most bizarre and unexpected, unless it comes out of florida, happened.this one was back in 94 in Homestead, florida, where the local neighborhood crime watch was having their first meeting in someone's backyard. The chief of police was there, and also crime prevention officer, standing next to a pool, addressing the local neighborhood watch. As the Chief is trying to explain to the people what to look for, the sound of a low flying airplane, makes his speech very difficult. As is passes by, everyone is looking up, and they see something falling from the airplane, straight down. Turns out it was cocaine, 75 lbs worth of cocaine . multiple of these bales were dropped as they airplane was being chased by a U.S. customs aircraft.

that's all the time we have today, hope i enhanced your knowledge, share the podcast, leave a comment, leave a review and some stars, and i’ll see you later.

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