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Episode 6

Stuff I Found out today on the Internet 06

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Now onward!!!!!


who remembers the dial up connections and the very distinguished sound of your download being cut off when the house phone rang?! i know i do. this was when AOL was the pioneer of home internet and dial up. oh that 56k connection and all its delays. now in 2015 we bitch and moan, if the Netflix doesn’t load in 5 seconds, or if speeds aren't at least 50megs up and down. As of May this year AOL reported that, it was still receiving believe it or not, $20 a month from 2.1 millions Americans that were still using AOL’s dial up service. 2.1 millions Americans still on dial up, damn. This number is slowly decreasing as people start realizing the super highway is just a phone call away.

In better news, Verizon acquired AOL in June of this year for around 4.4 billion dollars. lets hope this brings those 2.1 million Americans up to speed!


and speaking of people that live out in the middle of nowhere, let's talk about zip codes. i have one, you have one and the dude that lives just a couple houses down from you has a completely different one then you, and why is this. if you didn't know, the term ZIP stands for ZONE IMPROVEMENT PLAN. back in the old days, the mailing system operated under a postal district or zone number system, where for the most part you only had a 2 digit zip code for your address. In the early 60’s this system needed to change to something more structured. The 5 digit code system was proposed by a US post office, postal inspector named Robert Moon back in 1944, but USPS only recognized the first 3 digits from Mr. Moon proposal. They used those 3 digits to create the “sectional center facility”, which sorts out all the mail in that specific ZIP area. For LA the SCF numbers are 900-905, 907 and 908, and the mail for those zips all end up at 7001 s, central ave, Los Angeles. the 5 digit zip code we have now is simply a combination of the SCF number and the old 2 digit postal codes from a long time ago.


here is a small knowledge for those who don't have or don't watch the history channel. coliseums were 2 level complexes, with a network of tunnels, 32 animal cages and around 80 vertical shafts that granted instant access to the arena. these arenas possessed the ability to hoist animals as large as elephants and hippos. the arena was covered in sand, simply to absorb the blood and guts that were spilled during battle.


how many of us have gone to home depot or Lowe's all happy we saw a video or a plan online that requires 2 by 4 only to get home and find out you were cheated on the measurements. now don't get too upset with the store, but they don’t mention that the measurement of 2x4 is when the wood is “wet” and once it dries it shrinks by about half an inch, so in reality you are walking out of the store with a 1 ½ by 3 ½ piece of wood.


you remember seeing those videos of people annoying new yorkers, you know the ones i'm   talking about, according to the new York penal code,

article 240 section 240.30 aggravated harassment in the second degree, states:

A person is guilty of aggravated harassment in the second degree when,

with  intent  to  harass, annoy, threaten or alarm another person, he or


Paragraph (a) communicates with a person, anonymously or otherwise, by

telephone, by telegraph, or by mail, or by  transmitting  or  delivering

any  other  form  of  written communication, in a manner likely to cause

annoyance or alarm; or

Paragraph (b) causes a communication to be initiated by mechanical or electronic

means or otherwise with a person, anonymously  or  otherwise,   by

telephone,  by  telegraph,  or by mail, or by transmitting or delivering

any other form of written communication, in a  manner  likely  to  cause

annoyance or alarm;

Aggravated harassment in the second degree is a class A misdemeanor and if you are not aware that comes with a maximum 1 year in jail.

think twice when trying to annoy new yorkers with emails.

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