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Episode 9

Stuff I Found out today on the Internet 09

Nuno Meneses published on

emoji, we all use them to say we are making this or that face to our friends, or even to make them believe we are laughing when we are not. This time we will have a mass production of emojis. At a near 7 figure bid, sony entertainment won a bidding war between other 2 other studios to make this movie. this is a first for this segment, because this is scheduled to be released in 2019. No cast has been released on IMDB because it's  still a well kept secret. i wonder how that meeting went. did sony ceo get a really funny one earlier that day and once this showed up he said, we have to do it? good lord.



how do you feel about having a goat as part of the defense of your country??? well london thinks it's a great idea, William “billy” Windsor I is the name of their cashmere goat that once served in the british army, as a lance corporal in the first battalion, the royal welsh. during his service, billy got demoted, if you can imagine that, for 3 months in 2006, billy was brought down to a fusilier, after he tried to headbutted a drummer. Billy the goat, was charged with unacceptable behavior, lack of decorum, disobeying a direct order, and had to appear before his commanding officer. after this demotion, canadian animal rights groups protested that billy was just acting like a goat and should get his rank back. he did and later retired to the whipsnade zoo in 2009.


we now fly to tokyo, where a man had a house guest he never knew about for over a year. this whole incident started when the owner of the house, one day left his house unlocked. The 58 year old homeless woman found the door unlocked and made her way into the house searching for food and shelter. during her 1 year stay in this man's apartment, she had already moved a mattress into the small closet where she was sleeping. it was going well for her until she became greedy and starting taking noticeable amounts of food from the kitchen. the homeowner got suspicious and installed cameras inside the house to see what was going on. one of the cameras caught movement inside the house, and the cops were called. they were surprised when they got there and the doors and windows were locked and intact. once they made their way in they searched the house and found this woman curled up in her closet space.


thomas jeffrey hanks, tom hanks as we know him, born in concord, CA in 1956,and known for his many movie appearances and incredible performances, in movies such as, forrest gump, big, cast away, captain phillips, the green mile, amongst other good movies. Did you know he has a collection of typewriters. i counted at least 8 but who knows really how many does Mr. Hank have stored away. here are a few if you are itching to buy a typewriter, and their prices found on ebay.

  • Vintage Olympia Model SM8 German Typewriter 1960’s - $165 - ebay

  • Royal “Apollo 10” Typewriter (1950s, made in Japan) - $99 -



  • Vintage 1955 Aqua Robins Egg Blue Royal Quiet De Luxe Typewriter - etsy - $498

  • 1963 HERMES 3000 SEAFOAM GREEN PORTABLE TYPEWRITER - 89.99 - 299.95 - ebay
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