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Episode 10

Stuff I Found out today on the Internet 10

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What's the difference between Sesame Street and Leonardo DiCaprio?

Sesame Street has an Oscar.

We go to the definition of commitment.  How would you celebrate the wonderful 50th anniversary of your marriage to the woman you love and married 50 years ago. some couples would go on a cruise, some would fly around the world, and other would stay home and enjoy the company of each other. this couple from denton, Greater Manchester celebrated by eating a present that was given to them on the day of their wedding. they were given a can of chicken, a can with a whole chicken on the inside. if any of us got that today we would throw a nasty fit. The couple, husband was 73 at the time, wife around 68, at the can of chicken and said they never felt better. A food safety expert from salford university said that canned food can last indefinitely as long as it's sealed properly with high temperatures and under high pressure so that it creates a tight vacuum seal, normal shelf life should be about 6 months. this was back in 2006, not sure how the couple is doing, but if 50 year old chicken didn't kill them , then i can safely assume they are still alive and kicking.


you get a burger and fries, and what is the first condiment you ask the waiter for?! ketchup. The United States eats up around $800 million dollars worth of ketchup annually. This is the second most consumed condiment in the US followed by soy sauce at 725 million and barbeque sauce  at 660 million. the first stop on this list is for a condiment that i don't see a lot in my house or even in restaurants which surprised me when i found out its place on this list. Mayonnaise is the top dog, the number one on the list at nearly $2 billion dollars consumed annually in the United States..

and today we bring you 10 enjoyable facts of penguins.

1-  the south pole is home to 17-20 species of penguins

2- penguins, can swim at a speed of 4 to 7 mph, but there is one penguin that can put all of the others to shame, its the gentoo penguin, with speeds reaching 22 mph, the artic michael phelps.

3 - the famous tux they wear isnt to show off how classy they are, its really a defense mechanism, when in the water if seen from above the black on their backs will blend with the dark ocean, and from below the white of their bellies will blend with the brightness from the sky

4 - penguins dont have teeth, they have backward fleshy spines that line the interior of their mouths

5 - penguins are carnivores, eating about 2 pounds of food each day

6 - penguins have a water filtration system built in, when eating a lot of seafood they also ingest salt water, the supraorbital gland, located above their eyes, filters the salt from the bloodstream

7 - they produce their own waterproofing oil, in a gland called preen

8 - every year, the penguins experience a “catastrophic molt” meaning they lose their feathers and regrow new ones

9 - the emperor penguin has the most feather density ratio  of any bird, around 100 feathers per square inch

10 - the most endangered penguin species is the new zealand yellow-eyed penguin, with only 4000 surviving in the wild today.

philadelphia, city of brotherly love, but how did it come to have this name and nickname all at once. William penn, apparently was a hard man to figure out because no one could understand what was going through his head when he decided to give philly its name. what we do know is that he aimed high. Philadelphia is a combination of 2 greek words, phileo, which means love , and adelphos, which means brother. join those 2 together, switch them around and add a few years to that and you have a city with a nickname.


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